Google getting naughty ?

Search engine firm Google has released a trial tool which is concerning some net users because it directs people to pre-selected commercial websites.

The AutoLink feature comes with Google’s latest toolbar and provides links in a webpage to if it finds a book’s ISBN number on the site.

It also links to Google’s map service, if there is an address, or to car firm Carfax, if there is a licence plate.

Google said the feature, available only in the US, “adds useful links”.

But some users are concerned that Google’s dominant position in the search engine market place could mean it would be giving a competitive edge to firms like Amazon.

AutoLink works by creating a link to a website based on information contained in a webpage – even if there is no link specified and whether or not the publisher of the page has given permission.

Full article on the BBC

Got shareholders to please now, must have been getting tips from Bill

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