Is beer less fattening than wine?

Brewers are hoping to appeal to women drinkers by offering beer in third-of-a-pint glasses. But first they tackle the belief that beer is more fattening than wine. Is it true?

Believing that female drinkers are put off by pints and halves the BBPA wants to see beer served in more elegant, long-stemmed, third-of-a-pint glasses.

But it also wants to set the record straight on beer’s calorific qualities. Startling as it may seem, beer is less, not more, fattening than wine.

According to the BBPA, a glass of beer with a typical 4.6% alcoholic volume, has fewer calories not only than a similar measure of wine, but also milk or fruit juice.

Spirits, meanwhile, contain more than six times the calories of beer, and when mixed with a soft drink, the calorie-count soars even higher.

But who ever heard of a wine belly or a vodka gut?

Research into drinking habits has found that beer’s fattening reputation has more to do with the lifestyle of those who drink it, and the greasy bar snacks that often accompany a night down the local.

  • CALORIES PER 100ml
  • Beer (4.6% alc): 41 calories
  • Wine (12% alc): 77 calories
  • Spirits: 250 calories
  • Milk: 64 calories
  • Orange juice: 42 calories
  • Apple juice: 47 calories

B.B.C. source

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