Papering over the cracks

Well England managed to beat the Jocks and keep the Calcutta Cup but Andy Robinson’s reactions like we’d just beaten the best in the world showed a serious lack of judgement.

To many of his calls didn’t work, first up Robinson as captain at full back being the first, Corry’s appointment did though that was a no brainer.

At hooker, Steve Thompson has regenerated his international career. He has been heavily criticised away from the squad but he has come through strongly and is back to his best form. Andy Robinson

Err no, his lineout throwing is a joke and can’t be excused at this level when winning your lineouts is a must. Thompson shouldn’t have even been playing the last two games, it was the perfect opportunity to ease Titterell into the international game, give him a chance to show what he can do.

Hodgson, well he had a couple of breaks but again this was against the Jocks not New Zealand or Australia and the kicking well again a disaster, easy ones missed left, right & centre. These missed kicks are the reason Jonny Wilkinson has been rushed back time and again and not given the time he needs to recuperate.

Again the perfect opportunity was there to give Goode a chance especially with Ellis his Leicester team mate at scrum half. Maybe Goodes inclusion would have brought the best out of Ellis because he was overshadowed by Dawson when substituted. Dawson made more telling snipes / breaks and his passing was crisper, not head high making the receiver stop and reach for the ball.

On the plus side Robinson’s comment

We have gone to the wire in four games (including the defeat to Australia in November) and lost those four games Andy Robinson

is true, played badly and beaten by a Welsh side at the top of their game by a last minute penalty, should have beaten the French (but for Hodgson & stupid penalties given away) and the ref winning the game for Ireland.

But Robinson has a mind set of a group of players who’ll start no matter what and as has been seen with England football managers this doesn’t bode well.

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