So a bunch of old blokes pick another

Pope Dougal
Dougal from Father Ted would make an excellent Pope

old bloke to lead their cult thus ensuring the favelas & barrios stay over crowded.

Yup I know this ain’t exactly new news but this section has been underused, maybe I should have mentioned an old bloke dying, couple of inbreds doing what they should have done years ago and get hitched to each other, or the bunch of shyster, liars, drunks who are trying every scam to get a vote (£150 million for Rover ex-employees wonder how many this will buy).

Anyway back to the old bloke’s choice, I’d prefer the guy above (as posted on B3ta

Bishop Brennan – “Don’t you realise I have an audience with the Pope tomorrow ?”
Dougal – “I love those programmes, did you see the one with Elton John ?”

2 Replies to “So a bunch of old blokes pick another”

  1. Yeah but it’s still nice to get the average man’s opinion on what is happening in the news. At least I like to read it. Not to say that you’re an average man – or anything. Though, I’m not sure that being an average man needs defending…..

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