You know when you’ve been


Tony Blair's tan

Yup Tony we believe you, the tan came from sitting outside and not from a bottle, not like you’ve ever told a porkie before 🙄

Is it a desperate attempt to win over fans of Robert Kilroy-Silk, Dale Winton & Judith Chalmers, nah it must all be down to Channel 4’s excellent “Shameless” and the fact it’s won a few awards recently.

Cherie and Tone probably never watched it, it’s about “working” class living something Tone knows nowt about and something of her past Cherie would rather forget, but trying to appear with the people got the DVD and then they were confronted by the “head” of the household Frank Gallagher shouting

Tony Blair that pasty faced git

And he was before insta-tan, pasty faced with sweaty upper lip looking like a character in a disaster movie who is the carrier of the infectious disease.

Makes you wonder what would happen in the case of a national emergency.
Tony Blair – Reaches for a bottle of ready tan for the press conference.
Charles Kennedy – Reaches for a bottle, in hope it’s content is alcohol.
Michael Howard – Nation reaches for crucifixes & garlic.

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  1. I prefer Kennedy’s method myself. 😉 Though I expect the only bottle that willl be hanging around these days will be full of milk.

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