Is their name on the trophy

Liverpool that is as Chelsea and Jose obviously used up all their luck earlier in the year & ‘Pool seem to have saved their’s for the CL.

Was it over the line?

The team knocked out of the cup by Burnley, struggling to maintain 5th spot in the league are one game away from being champions of Europe 😯

No the ball wasn’t over the line but as said Chelsea have ridden their luck at times this season and well Jose’s teams have got away with a bit the last few years (Porto’s diving & goals against them disallowed)

Were Chelsea the best team as Mourinho said, well they weren’t good enough to score and didn’t harry, hustle & tackle like Carragher & co. did.

Six minutes of added time, god that got the Scousers screaming, but 6 subs is a minimum of 3 minutes, those 2 idiots on the park another couple of mins, general time wasting yup it would have all added up to 6 mins.

Congrats to the ‘Pool, now you’ve just got to go and win it.

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