Money can’t buy you

love as the hatred towards the $200 million Yankees shows .

The $40 million worst team in the majors Kansas City Royals shows it can’t buy you wins either with their first 3 game sweep of the Yanks in 15 years.

3 zip to the Royals (5-3, 3-1, 5-2) can it get worse for the Yanks.

Well all teams have to do is restrict them to 3 runs or less, now 0 for 18 in those games. Five losses on the trot now, just after it looked like things were well back on track.

The lowly Royals were energized — maybe even a bit intimidated — by a tough-talking new manager who’s made it clear he will not tolerate careless mistakes. All of a sudden, nobody’s job seemed secure.

Now there’s a thought but it’s probably easier to intimidate journey men and rookies on “low” wages rather than WS winners and “superstars” on the highest wage bill in the sport.

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