One out of three

ain’t good.

That’s the way the Yanks went on their road trip losing all four series 3 of them 2-1 the other of course the 3 zip sweep by KC, before that there was also the 2-1 home series loss to Boston.

Well they now go into a 4 series, 13 game home stand against Pirates, Cubs, D-Rays and Mets. One out of three here certainly won’t do, after all they’re only 3.5 games behind Boston and 6 behind Baltimore the gap has to be closed over the next two weeks.

And is Lou Piniella trying to talk himself back into the George’s employ ?

Despite the slump in the Bronx the faithful have been doing their best to vote Yanks players into the All Star Game

  • 1st Base – 1st Tino Martinez – hasn’t done much since the HR streak ended
  • 2nd Base – 4th Tony Womack – this is surprise considering the disregard he’s held by a lot of Yanks fans
  • 3rd Base – 1st Alex Rodriguez – no brainer
  • SS – 2nd Derek Jeter – Tejada is well in the lead
  • C – 3rd Jorge Posada
  • OF – 5th Gary Sheffield
  • OF – 6th Hideki Matsui
  • OF – 11th Bernie Williams 😯
  • DH – 3rd – Jason Giambi 😯

2 Replies to “One out of three”

  1. did i miss something? can Tony Womack be voted on at 2nd base although he’s been playing left field all year?

    What do you think about the news that Steinbrenner is building a new stadium?

  2. I suppose he’s down as 2nd base cause that’s where he’s played most of his time, started out with the Yanks there and he only moved to the OF a few weeks back.

    Suppose I come from a different direction to you for the new stadium cause I’ve only had decent seats (behind home & a few rows back from the Yanks dugout) so I’d say it’s a shame to see a place with the history go for somewhere that could be one of those souless modern stadiums.

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