Make Bono history

Make Bono History
Make Bono History


This is also probably a plea from good old Midge Ure, Geldof’s Baldrick now that he’s been replacesd as Bob’s #1 sidekick by the far more famous face of U2. No matter how much Bob has crapped on Midge over the years he’s stayed there like a loyal little lap dog, except of course lap dogs are center stage not pushed further and further out of the picture.

Artists were picked for Live8 because of their pull but Bob couldn’t help himself from getting up there and making his hit sound even worse than it originally did, though I suppose he’ll require some debt relief if the rest of the Rats win their royalties case. But no sign of Midge up there going through his hit with the rest of the ‘Vox, obviously not the pull, suppose the only chance of that happening would be so that Bob could cut them off halfway through Vienna so Joe Dolce can lead the crowd through a rendition of “Shuddup Ya Face”.

Bonophobia is particularly forgivable, given the singer’s hugely irritating mesianic self-importance.Neil Tweedie

Anyway a bunch of dullards played a bunch of dull tracks (Coldplay, Travis & Dido – the kings and queen of dull, Joss Stone – does anyone believe this shitck, Keane – if your gonna play the keyboard like you’re Jerry Lee Lewis at least have the music to do it to.) to an audience that really didn’t look or sound that interested, then why would they with that in front of them.

And they all told us how we have to end poverty, yup a bunch of millionaire, multi-millionaires and billionaires told us all about the poor of the world. Well I suppose when you’ve got expensive court cases to get your old hat back, have to keep up a breeding farm to produce the high turnover of furry animals you use as hair replacement, you have to cover the cost of crap films your in and your husband directed you need all those millions. Ah but you say Bob told us this was about making a statement and not money, that’ll be why when you next go into a Virgin or HMV store there won’t be large displays with the artists that appeared in prime positions, none of which remember the effect of Live Aid and how it made U2, rescued Status Quo and restored Queen to former glories.

And now a bunch of “celebrities” have spoken and all will be right with the world, well a sweat shop owner in China isn’t going to be in poverty for some time – why were those bands an extra £1 at Hyde Park if it wasn’t about money?

And the various dictators & despots in Africa will start thinking – “now we don’t have to pay off this debt we might as well spend it on our people, I mean how many gold plated Mercs and palaces for our mistresses do we need and while we’re at it well help our next door neighbours” – poverty will be eradicated much like it seems it has between the Rio Grande and Tierra del Fuego.

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  1. wtf are u on about? bono is amazing, he has worked in africa, n has his own charity set up to find cure’s! he works alongside bob! and he knows alot of politicians, he uses his celebrity fame to get things done..whats so bad about that? I’m sorry have you got something better to stop extreme poverty??

  2. Andrea – shame about the spelling, and obviously you were taught neither punctuation nor typing. Not your fault really – if I were you I’d sue all the ‘trendy lefty’ teachers that fell down on the job. You cannot blame them, however, for your gummed-up thought processes. I have ‘worked in Africa’ and anyone can have a charity (mine is called ‘My Pension Fund’), and you haveto admit that sucking up to all the politicians smacks of a huge ego trip. He and Saint Geldof are just superannuated pop stars with nothing left to offer.

    Good to see Floyd & The Who again though.

  3. BONEHEAD is a rich foreigner who is trying to get knighted or given the Nobel peace prize by asking my country’s leader to give MY money away for HIS cause. Let him give away HIS money. Before one can play politician, one has to first get elected. Canada’s leader was elected by me, not Bonehead. He must mind his business. Same for Geldof.

  4. I like the sentiments, Bono is clearly the most nauseating person in the world, at least with Bob you get a sense that he has some emotion, though this only make shim slightly moe appealing. So many popstars claim to have “worked” in Africa. What this tends to eman is they have been shown a charities project, maybe sung a song, and being generally herded around with an armed escort and 15 staff to tend to there every need.

  5. hey Rob.

    If spending 6 weeks in a tent in Africa means Bono has been ‘shown’ a charity project then sure you’re spot on!!

    If taking 5 separate non publicised and 10 publicised tours to AFrica is being ‘shpown’ a cahrity project then again , you’re on the money!

    Otherwise , pick up foot (Left or right doesnt matter) insert into mouth and leave it there!

  6. Let’s look at things for a second here people. It was stated that this was not a charity concert in the 1st place, it was an awareness concert. It was a celebration of the G8. Bono is a good man for using his popularity to raise awareness. There are 100’s more in his position that use their spare time to worry about how to line their pockets even more. Everyone has an agenda. I think it’s great that Bonos is raising awareness for things that are wrong in this world. Hate him if you want, but if everyone spent 1/100th of the time he spends on trying to right the wrongs of this world….there probably wouldnt be any wrongs.

  7. Hmmm next time you try to help a third of the world I’ll applaud you…until then i think i will just call you a good for nothing idiot. Bono is an amazing person using his celebrity for good…nobody is forcing you to listen to can turn of the radio or change the chanel…you have the choice… At least he is promoting good for the world, unlike say Eminem.

  8. LOL…nice Tshirt ….have alot of time on your hands lately?
    Bono is trying to do some good in the world sorry you can’t see that.
    But if you have any better ideas on how to end poverty then please put them forward.

  9. “celebrity worship”

    There’s the problem as above a bunch of little girls get their panties wet over someone famous and think this is going to solve all the world’s problems. That because he uses his fame Africans are going to hold each other with more regard, nations aren’t going to stand by while their neighbors kill each other, their going to look at the real cause of HIV/AIDS and that all the money the west has and is continuing to pour into Africa is going to be used on the people not on keeping their leaders in the lap of luxury.

    Only thing Bono is doing is making “celebrity worshippers” believe he is changing the world.

  10. it’s not being a celebrity worshiper….if you or i were to take the same stance these celebs are….no1 would listen…..y? cause were nobodies u need name recognition to get your cause off the ground

  11. I can see what Bono and Geldof are trying to do and its very admirable and everything but their whole “holier then thou” attitude makes me want to bang their heads together very hard. Irrational maybe but a sentiment shared by many I think.

  12. Yeah steveo you’re a nobody and Bono is a real somebody whose every word and thought you hang onto it’s not celebrity worship at all.

    I suppose you believed him when he told you about all the millions he pays in tax that will go to the poor and how intellectual property rights are meaningless except of course when they’re bringing in millions for him.

  13. Frankie–im not hanging on every word, if i share bono’s sentiments…then i do. Maybe he does pay millons im not his accountant i dont kno…i doubt it tho….i am a nobody–in the global scheme of things…so are u…if it ws announced that steveo and frankie are taking a stance against (blank-whatever u want to take a stance on buddy) and will hold a concert and are seeking big name acts—would any big bands respond….hell no thats all im saying im not making bono out to be an angel here-but your making him the anti-christ just give credit where credit is due–and live8 and the g8 deserve credit

  14. he’s just raising awareness–it would be like all of us sitting in a room and me seeing a hornets nest….i would make it known to u that there was 1 in here and that i was going to do something about it by leaving im not TELLLING u what to do…im just making the surroundings known to you….and i forgot to ask….are u his accountant?

  15. Having fun folks 😀 🙄

    I know I’m not Bono’s accountant but I know “celebs” in Ireland don’t pay tax and it is just a touch hypocritical to dictate how taxpayers money should be spent when you’re living a a tax avoidance lifestyle, exactly how much money does he need to live on.

    Steveo if big name “celebs” wouldn’t turn up for the same type of gig as Live8 with the same objectives because you or Frankie set it up it says more about their motives in all of this.

    Kay, yes nobody forced me to watch or listen though it is hard with the saturation level, just like nobody forced you to come here and leave your opinion and if you’re allowed yours I’m allowed mine, most of which, bar the title, pic & quote, if anyone had bothered reading wasn’t particualrly about your beloved Bono.

  16. toxic-agreed whole heartedly w/ you…it would show the other celebs motives, but perhaps Bono understands the power of starpower in this world….its everywhere and every1 has it….just look at the tabloids…ppl actually read them religiously…he understands that a good idea is a good idea and he understands that a popular person is a deadly weapon…if he can combine the two….he can get his message across to millions….he understands that bringing in celebs from all walks of life and all corners of the globe is important….b/c there are ppl out there who dont like bono and wont listen to him…but that same person might adore brad pitt or george cloney who r also part of the one campaign…so maybe they wont listen 2 bono, but they will listen 2 pitt or clooney…and if they are sending the same message, then bono is getting across to them indirectly…i kno blinde obience is deadly….especially with celebs but its a fact of the world we live in

  17. Totally agree!!!! Geldof makes me sick!!! Bono is a santamounious twat! Why dont day give all there moneyor at least half!!! they still would be loaded! I hate this kind of celebrety pr “sll done for improving there image”! What happened to good old rock ‘n roll! Thank good there are people like lenny of motorhead that has more to say than Bono or geldof or people like D bowie that refuses knighthood from the queen.

  18. Forget about making poverty history, how about making all those self loving, pretentious, and obscenely rich Postars history! How about sharing some of their money out to feed the world?

  19. Bono likes to campaign to Make Poverty History. U2 concert tickets were on sale in Brazil at 200 reais (£50, $88) for the cheapest – two-thirds the average monthly wage.

    From PopBitch and the BBC.

  20. Its a known fact, behind closed doors Bono normally has his head inserted up his own rectum, he only takes it out in public so that he can spout his claptrap and indulge his massive ego. He has been spouting his rubbish for so long, and has had his ego indulged for so long now that he actually believes it. Why does he just not change his name to Jesus and have done with it. The phrase dissapearing up your own a** springs to mind !!!

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