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Al Leiter
Al Leiter New York Yankees comeback 2005

strikes again.

After hoping Cabrera could cement his place in the Yanks lineup and center field he’s optioned to Columbus on Sunday, ok Cabrera didn’t look ready and maybe Bernie can hold out for the rest of the season but that was good news compared to the ace of the rotation Chien-Ming Wang being put on the DL with it looking like he’s out for the season 🙁

He had been a revelation in the rotation and provided the steadiest of starts in a collection of under performing high wage vets and it left thinks looking gloomy going into the RedSox series – 4 games and only 2 starters.

Game 1 will be remembered for some time, certainly the highlight of the Yanks season so far, Curt Schilling coming out the ‘pen as closer for the Sox in the tied 9th, Sheff hits a double the A-Rod homers them both home for a 2 run lead, leaving Mo to come out and get 3 strike outs to win the game. Blown save from Schilling on an A-Rod homer and Mo getting the save on 3 strike outs in their back yard, doesn’t get better than that.

Game 2 least said the better, it was almost expected, with 5 pitchers used the starter only going 1 inning giving up 6 runs with 4 walks. Cobrera’s fielding resulting in a stand up inside the park home run didn’t help.

Game 3 the “Big Unit” is still giving up home runs but he’s looking more like the player we all wanted in pinstripes, maybe it is all to do with Flaherty catching instead of Posada, unbeaten with Flaherty. Anyway with A-Rod hitting homers, Cano getting hits he’s also getting the offensive help required. And another save from Mo.

To last night’s ESPN game shown here in the UK (on delay of course because Channel 5 have to show a repeat of some crap cop video show and a triathlon :roll:) and the Yanks have acquired a new starter Al Leiter, 21 years after they drafted him 18 years after his first game and 16 after he was traded from by the Yanks. After a dismal first half with the Marlins feelings were mixed, he didn’t have it anymore or maybe in Yanks uniform he’ll show what he’s got left.

Can’t say I was expecting the best, not because of Leiter but because Wakefield was on the mound for the Sox, don’t think I’ve seen him lose on a C5 game certainly not seen the Yanks get many if any runs off him, though the fact the top 5 in the order are batting .300+ made me feel a little better.

Well game 4 was a cracker 3 homers of Wakefield, Leiter rolling back the years 6.1 innings with only 1 run, 3 walks and an amazing 8 K’s, it seemed every batter got a first pitch strike to be down in the count.

It was all going well till the 9th, Cano’s throwing error, bases loaded only 2 runs ahead but a great double play, A-Rod – Posada – Tino and yet another Mo save…well saved the day.

4:30am one happy Yanks fan, go into a 4 game series against the league leading Red Sox at Fenway with only 2 recognised starters and come out with a 3-1 series win that’ll do nicely…onto the Rangers then the Angels tough times ahead but maybe just maybe…

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