Defeat shows the folly

of resting the big names mid-week.

Spurs defeat by Chelsea showed the error it was to cherry pick the games to go for when coming out of the week with Spurs only managing to pick up 1 point, suffering their first defeat and dropping from 1st to 6th in the league.

“Resting” Davids, Carrick and Defoe against Blackburn last Wednesday was a strange move by Jol, these are the game you’ve got to get maximum points from not those against Chelsea. Yeah you play Chelsea trying not to lose but these days, much like the last 15 years, anything you get against them is a bonus, what are the odds on getting a win and 3 points, low very low.

But Blackburn away, yes it’s going to be hard though chances are they’ll be reduced to 10 (or less) men – as they were – was the best bet to pick up 3 points then do your best against Chelsea might get a draw might get a win but at least you’ve got more than 1 point out of it all. OK it would have only been one place higher in the table right now but it’s these dropped points you look at at the end of the season when saying “what if ?”

If Jol wants to keep the same setup of playing one big striker with one little one there’ll have to been some new signing soon, transfer window closes at the end of the month, with Mido missing at least 3 matches for his straight red card with the possibility of and extra game added for him not leaving the pitch immediately, that’s of course if his appeal isn’t successful, they’re only left with Defoe and Robbie Keane upfront.

Looks like PSV Eindhoven defender Lee Young-Pyo is as good as signed, with Chelsea’s Carlton Cole, Feyenoord’s Dirk Kuyt and Cristiano Lucarelli if Livorno mentioned as the replacement for recently sold Kanoute, hopefully with this Jenas will be forgotten.

It really shows how crap David James was in the friendly against Denmark the other week that Sven dropped one of his favourites for the upcoming qualification games against Wales and Northern Ireland with Kirkland taking his place in the squad.

Though of course he’s left “the door open” for James return 🙄

Funny reading in the paper this morning about how England need a holding player, Carrick, and the’d really have to drop Beckham to accommodate this and Wright-Phillips, it’s never going to happen is it ?

And not very god hearing Steve McClaren, Sven’s partner in dullness express his hopes of getting the England job by saying he “has the credentials”. Oh great the guy who said he didn’t like the word “entertaining” when applied to the game, who when at home in the last minute against a dull Liverpool side has his players waste time from a corner instead of getting the ball into the box and going for a winner and was overjoyed when talking about how his side were nine minutes from a goalless draw against Chelsea.

Yup he’s going to be the best man to lead Owen, Defoe, Rooney, Lampard, Wright-Phillips, Gerrard etc.

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