strikes again.

Anyway Grimsby tonight in the Carling Cup, need to turn on the scoring like they did this time last year, no giant killing TWKoD

Grimsby 1-0 Tottenham – that kiss of death is working wonders, Spurs with 5 England players and 10 internationals loses to a Division 2 side, admittedly they are leading Div 2.

Our best player was Aaron Lennon and he is 18, which says it all. I’m a bit angry. When you are a Premiership side you have to win these games. Martin Jol

But this is what the Cups are all about giant killing, small lower division team wanting it more than the “big team”.

Another scoreless game for Spurs.

We aren’t scoring goals, and we don’t look like scoring goals, which is even worse and is not good enough Martin Jol

All gone downhill since the signing of Jenas I tell ya.

Thankfully the KoD only had slight effect on the Yanks Aaron Small he wasn’t at his best giving up 10 hits and 4 earned runs in the five innings against Baltimore last night.

But despite this and some shaky middle relief from Proctor, Gordon & Embree the bats of a half fit Sheff and the MVP chasing A-Rod etc got him the win 12-9 to move Small to a 9-0 record.

Thus becoming the first Yankee pitcher to go 9-0 in his first 9 games for the Yankees since Tommy John in 1979.

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