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Premiership table September 2005
Premiership table September 2005

Chelsea’s title already ?

Seven games into the new Premiership season and could it be all over. Well that’ll please the “it’s got boring” whingers of late.

Chelsea already well ahead of the usual suspects in the title race, 10 points up on ManUre and 11 over ARSEnal. Yeah both have a game in hand but the way things are going that’s no guaranteed 3 points because neither team have any strength in depth, take away any from the first XI and they’re struggling.

Without Keane, Neville, Heinz ManU look light in defence, they’ve finally got a decent keeper but what has he got in front of him ? Ferdinand back to his slack lazy self and Silvestre who has been lucky in the past that others have covered his crapness in defending. Ferguson says there’s no one out there to take Keane’s place, there was but Essien just didn’t want to go to Manchester and they couldn’t afford him anyway.

Then there’s ARSenal with Whinging Wenger crying about boring football, like Don Howe, George Graham and last years F.A. Cup final never existed 🙄 Only got one defender in Judas, no replacement for Viera and if Henry isn’t playing they have to resort to plan…oh that’s right there’s nothing past plan A. Ah but Wenger does have a plan B, teams should get points for goals – lets see so ARSEnal with 9 scored would now be another 5 points behind the league leaders who have scored 14, yup that’ll work a treat.

It’s funny how this “boring” thing came up in relation to the Premiership after Chelsea had struggled to beat Andelecht in front of a partially empty Stamford Bridge in the Champions League, nowt to do with English league football. And it’s all Chelsea’s fault, yeah they know how to defend but I wouldn’t call Lampard, Essien, Duff, Wright-Phillips, Robben etc boring players.

Anyway enough of these also rans, Spurs up to 4th after last nights 1-0 victory over Fulham – only London team they seem to be able to beat these days.

Another close one to test the old ticker, if Fulham had any cutting edge at all it may not have been that close. Spurs definitely looked sharper in the final third but Fulham’s on loan keeper Tony Warner has looked quite a good replacement for Van der Saar so far this season.

Spurs never really got any midfield dominance in the 2nd half especially and I knwo who I blame (see below). Nicely taken goal by Defoe, hopefully now to go through one of his scoring spurts, and Aaron Lennon was undoubtedly Spurs best player on the night.

Lennon is a very big talent. I think he can be a big player in the future. Martin Jol

The question is why take him off with 20 minutes to go, yeah I know he’s young maybe got tired but christ it was screaming for Jenas to be hooked after another crap display. Every time the ball was lost who was to blame?

You’ve tried the experiment Martin, you didn’t want him in the first place, he adds nothing to the team, can’t score, can’t tackle, can’t keep possession. With Carrick to come back, hopefully sooner rather than later, you won’t have to pick Jenas again, with Charlton and their midfield it’s not the place for lightweights like JJ.

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