This is it then

3 games, 2 teams, one prize.

Well main prize that is the A.L. East, there is also the consolation of the Wild Card spot, things obviously depending on these 3 games and what the Tribe get up to over the final weekend against their Sox rivals. The permutations are well explained by Mike Carminati over at Baseball Toaster

A one game lead going into the final 3 games at Fenway, needing 2 out of 3, could have been so much better if the Yanks hadn’t imploded on Tuesday the day the Sox split a double header. Then as with most the season the “small” guys stepped up Chacon & Small giving 2 quality starts on Wednesday & Thursday, the latter going to 10-0 in his first ten starts for the club.

But no it’s a 1 game lead and the pressure is on for Wang who goes tonight, Johnson (Saturday) & Mussina (Sunday). And you just never know, Wang’s been good since he came off the DL, “The Big Unit” has been an enigma all season, up & down like a bog lid but a huge performance in his last start against the Sox and to Moose well hopefully that disaster on Tuesday has got it out of his system.

Now his the time the whole team have to perform, starters & relief have to shut down Ortiz, even if it means not pitching to him. Offence have to ge on base and move them round, less LOB in the stats, with A-Rod driving them in to make sure of that MVP crown and leaving Mo with an easier job to pick up the Cy Young

It’s now or never.

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