Alex Rodriguez & Joe Torre
Alex Rodriguez & Joe Torre after the Yanks beat the Red Sox

2005 A.L. East champions – New York Yankees.

Who would have thought it after that 11-19 start to the season, worst start since 1966, but now thanks to a winning record against the Sox they have the title, for the 8th straight year, after a great comeback.

5.5 games behind the Sox on August 11th they went 34-12 till last night and the resurgent “Big Unit” added the 35th win to clinch the A.L. East. Up and down like a bog lid it seams this season Johnson went 6-0 with a 1.93 ERA in his eight starts since August 21st and the 1-0 win over the Sox on September 11th beating the Yanks nemesis Wakefield started this roll to victory.

Is there anything better than seeing A-Rod crack homers while Ortiz traipses off after a strike out.

Looks like it meant a bit to the players.

Now the guys have to finish the job beat the Sox tonight, hopefully Cleveland can stop their slump grab a win over the ChiSox and resulting in both teams needing a playoff game on Monday with the Tribe getting that wild card spot and the Sox end the year with nowt.

More than likely it’ll be the Angels of wherever out west in the ALDS, gonna be tough with them taking this year’s games against the Yanks 6-4 and have gone 13-2 in the last couple of weeks.

As last year showed getting into the playoffs means nothing if you don’t win the main prize and that’s what’s needed now #27.

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