Suppose it had to happen

at some point.

Spur's Jermaine Jenas celebrates

Jermaine Jenas actually did something worthwhile on a football pitch and Spurs benefited. One assist for Mido’s opener and his first goal for the club helped them to a victory over Everton and up to second in the table.

Still don’t think they should have bought him, especially for £8 million when as Martin Jol pointed out his production of goals and assists at Newcastle was very poor indeed.

Was a good win in the end, though of course it should’ve been after all this is the Everton floundering at the bottom of the table who can’t score and can’t defend, not the team we put 5 past last year who were heading for the Champions League 4th spot.

But the the Toffees desperate to avoid yet another defeat they tried to shut up shop without offering much up front, which made things tricky for the first half, indeed until Mido opened the scoring from Jenas’ admittedly excellent cross.

Anyway never mind Jenas’ performance it was Aaron Lennon, coming on the back of his first England U21 cap who was the Man Of The Match. He really does look the part and it can’t be long before he’s pushing Wright-Phillips for the England spot on the right.

Lennon is one of the revelations Martin Jol

Of course it was made all the much better by ARSEnal losing to WBA and Whinging Wengers crying about his young side. Of course you win nothing with kids as a certain ex-Scotland/Liverpool defender once said. And Spurs side is full of really old experienced players 🙄 I’m surprised that when asked about the game Whinger didn’t claim he hadn’t seen it.

Yup when you take 3 players out of that “great team of invincibles” they’ve got nothing. A 3 man team no Judas, no Viera, no Henry makes for no team 😆

They have just lost again. If the big players are not there – and Vieira is gone and Henry is out – maybe Arsenal are the same as other teams. Martin Jol

And more stories of the Highbury cliques

When I first joined the first-team squad the banter was brilliant but the English boys have gone. I speak to Ashley now on the phone and he says it’s very quiet, not as much fun as it used to be.

The cliques aren’t rumours, it’s a fact. The French boys sit together, the Germans and Freddie Ljungberg eat together.

It used to be a sell-out on the English table but no-one wants a ticket. There are spare seats everywhere. ARSEnal ‘keeper Graham Stack

Also funny seeing Shearer crying about his header against Wigan that he claims went over the line but wasn’t given as a a goal. Don’t remember Martin Jol or Pedro Mendes whining about the goal that wasn’t against ManUre at Old Trafford last season. Yes it may have totally crossed the line and the officials may have missed that but they also missed Shearer’s push on the Wigan defender.

Yet again Shearer puts the ball in the back of the net all helped by at least one foul on an opposing player. How many times have we seen it over the years ? Forget Beckham’s flick and sending off, forget Batty & Ince’s missed penalties it was Shearer’s elbow on the Argie ‘keeper that cost England Judas Campbell’s winner in ’98.

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