Blond, pretty, thick and

obviously untouchable.

David Beckham applauds his booking to be sent off for Real Madrid

After Beckham’s latest sending off – one yellow card for dissent and a direct red for sarcastically applauding that yellow 3 minutes from the end of Madrid’s 2-1 defeat to Valencia on Sunday- it’s the same old story from Sven.

I don’t have any problem with him. He will be captain in Germany Sven-Goran Eriksson

Remember not so long ago Wayne Rooney was booked against N.Ireland for a straight arm foul and then tried to sarcastically applaud the ref for the booking, at the time Beckham had a go at him and Sven blamed the incident for England’s loss. Rooney followed this with his sending off for sarcastically applauding the ref in a Champions League game for ManU. And everyone was on the kids back for days.

Then Beckham did exactly the same thing for England against Austria with the straight arm leaping foul, followed it up with more stupid tackles and attempted tackles to get himself sent off. Then Sunday he again follows Rooney exactly by applauding the ref and getting his marching orders.

But Sven along with everyone else sees nothing wrong with this and gives the moron his full backing, everyone saw that England were far better without him on the park but oh no when Germany ’06 comes round there’ll he be Sven’s “Golden Boy” with the arm band on.

One of the most stupid reasons given for Beckham’s latest sending off is by his Real Madrid team mate Pablo Garciathat it’s all down to Beckham’s appearance.

I don’t know why Beckham got sent off. Maybe it’s because he’s blond and pretty. Referees are capable of sending him off for that.

I can’t understand what the problem was. I doubt he said anything because Beckham doesn’t even speak Spanish that well – I can barely understand him on the pitch. Pablo Garcia

Hmmm yeah 🙄 to the first part but maybe the second paragraph holds the truth, forget the outside of his head it’s the inside that matters and the fact is Beckham is thick.

Too thick to remember what happened with Rooney and too thick to learn Spanish, I mean how long has he been there, longer than Jonathan Woodgate for a start and he can conduct pretty fluent interviews in the language. Yes a bloke that’s widely regarded as one of the thickest footballers around can manage it – hell is nickname is “Village” as in “Village Idiot” – but all Beckham seems to have learnt is the phrase “hijo de puta” that he used to get sent off last year.

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