Lemmy for PM

with Blair’s recent crony woes (how many more times ?) and the Tories searching for the next loser to lead them (how many more times ?) who better to run the country ?

Lemmy of Motorhead

And he could start it off during his speech to the Welsh Assembly.

Yup in an unlikely match up Lemmy is joining forces with Conservative assembly member William Graham in an anti-drugs drive. Of course Lemmy’s anti-drugs stance only really extends to his hatred of heroin, anything else is pretty much fine.

This stance came to Graham’s attention when aired in the recent Channel 4 documentary “Live Fast Die Old” that followed Motorhead round the country on tour, during which he talked about what he had seen of those on the drug and that it’s the one drug he stays away from. Along with the track “Dead Men Tell No Tales”, and in an interview on Motorhead’s website, he said heroin had killed “a lot of my generation,” adding: “It’s the only drug I hate.”

So Graham invited him to share a platform, before Motorhead play at Cardiff University, on Thursday.

Frankly, young people are more likely to listen to him. Mr Graham

Lemmy is taking it incredibly seriously, and his manager says he’s writing a speech

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