A two horse race

with the right winner.

Congrats to Alex Rodriguez for winning the 2005 MVP award, beating Ortiz 331 to 307. Which muppet ranked him 3rd ? 🙄

Overall a correct choice, not that I’m biased of course ;), .321 batting average with an AL-high 48 homers and 130 RBIs gets it’s due. Especially as A-Rod plays the whole game not just get up every few innings to have a hit.

Good to see Gary Sheffield, Mariano Rivera & Derek Jeter ranked 8th, 9th & 10th in the voting.

In other Yanks news a deal for Hideki Matsui has to be done by Tuesday the 15th per his original Yankee contract, or the Yanks will have to release Godzilla, which would make him a free agent.

Here’s hoping the deal is done.

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