Bye bye the Best

footballer Britain ever produced. R.I.P. George Best.

He was up there with Pele and Maradona, the only thing he didn’t have was the international team around him to show himself off at a World Cup like the other two.

Was he the best of the lot, well they always talk up Pele’s record but how many of those goals were in friendlies and exhibition games or the Yank league. Would Brazil have won those 3 World Cups without him, more than likely the ’58 & ’70 sides were head and shoulders above everyone else even without Mr Viagra – and Pele himself called Best the greatest. Maradona, well no Argentina wouldn’t have won the WC in ’86 or got to the final in ’90 without him, but football had changed by then.

Imagine Best playing now compared to the 1960s, lightweight balls instead of heavy leather, billiard table pitches not muddy grassless swamps and now there’s no “Chopper” Harris, Tommy Smith, Norman “Bite Your Legs” Hunter, Billy Bremner or Jack Charlton there to hack down anyone with a touch of ability.

Yes the Best of the lot. Oh and he couldn’t half pull a bird 😉 😀

Have to say it was funny seeing Bobby Charlton heading into London’s Cromwell Hospital to be at Best’s bedside to say a last goodbye, while reading George’s own words on how he came to hate Charlton.

I just couldn’t get on with Bobby Charlton. When I first went to Old Trafford I thought he was a god. Later, I couldn’t stand the sight of him. George Best

It’s too easy to say I finished with football because I drank too much and did not behave like a professional sportsman. The question remains – why? I first started thinking about United and myself after we won the European Cup. I think we were one of the worst teams to win it. I got pissed off because I thought United should have built a team around me and not Bobby Charlton George Best

Along with all the eulogies it also has to be remembered that while it was OK for him to piss away his own liver to do so to someone elses wasn’t.

6 Replies to “Bye bye the Best”

  1. Doesn’t take long for the insensitive jokes to start does it? Does the greatest guy ever to play soccer deserve such unsolicited mockery? Of course not. If you get half the love and support he got during his life – albeit far too short – you should be grateful. So show a bit of respect – you mindless buffoon!

  2. I was in Barcelona when he got taken unfit and didn’t know he’d died until the Friday before his funeral. Plus, my comp was broke so I couldn’t put the tribute on!

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