It could have been worse

a lot worse.

England draw - Sweden, Paraguay and Trinidad & Tobago - in the World Cup

It could have been Holland or the Czech Republic and not Sweden, it could have been South Korea or Australia and not Trinidad & Tobago.

Most people seem quite happy about England’s opening round group in the World Cup drawn yesterday in Leipzig – Sweden, Paraguay and Trinidad & Tobago.

Yes it could have been a lot worse, could also have been a bit better, will be closer to 38 years since we’ve beaten Sweden when their game comes round on 20th June in Cologne, but these things have to happen at sometime and what a better time.

Ecuador would have been an easier game than Paraguay. Much as I have a soft spot for Ecuador, after spending time there as a kid, they only get so far by holding their home qualifying games in Quito, the air is a bit thin at 9,500 feet above sea level, where they win most of their points.

Who really knows about T&T, mainly English lower league & Scottish based players so one would think…but of course one knows these things don’t work out as one thinks.

Yes even Sven should get England into the next round and should win the group.

That’s when things get worse, after the group stages. In the second round they’d meet a team from the hosts group so either Germany or Poland. Not too bad I suppose, already dispatched the Poles twice in qualifying and Germany though with home advantage aren’t the Germany of old. Of course everyone said that last time before they made it to the final.

But then if things go to plan it’s going to be a lot harder – Argentina or Holland in the quarters, after the recent friendly you’d have to want the Argies and then it would be Brazil in the semi-final.

Everyone’s pre-tournament favourites, well if you want to win the World Cup you’ve got to beat the best at some point.

Now we just have to keep up a constant prayer that Rooney doesn’t get injured between now and next June.

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