Not enough time

New Tottenham Hotspur club badge
New Tottenham Hotspur club badge

in the day.

And not enough posts here, the old place is still a bit neglected.

Not enough time to whinge about Spurs losing to ‘Pool last weekend, bloody fullbacks, bloody open goals, bloody Australians. Though don’t have to whinge about the new club badge, close to the good old days.

No time to whinge about the lack of any signings, the thought of Rasiak replacing Mido for the next few weeks, of Wayne Bridge going to Fulham instead of us and why didn’t they keep Mendes and sell Brown to Pompey.

No time to whinge about the Skins going down to Seattle, well who expected them to get this far, apart from Angus “Statto” Loughran who had them down as a 40-1 each shot. All they need for next year is an offence, cause Joe showed again he knows defence.

No time to spam new Toxic Web sites on here.

ClickBank Search Info – where you can search the ClickBank Marketplace for thousands of products.

Online Sudoku a domain I bought with an idea but haven’t had any time to implement, other than to put up an online game of Sudoku and some links.

No time to whinge about Google pissing about with the Adsense ad layouts.

Anyway maybe soon there’ll be enough time…

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  1. Oh and not enough time to whinge about Sven’s latest screw up – though in the most he was just stating the bleeding obvious – especially Villa being about his level 😀

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