Going Dutch

The more I think about it the more I’m leaning towards Guus Hiddink as Sven’s replacement.

He just stacks up better than the other candidates on show.

His teams play a better style off football than most of those mentioned, an attacking style that I figure would suit the England squad as it is now, minus Beckham of course, the others have been managers of teams where they’ve had to do with what’s going and their play has shown this.

He would have no favourites, nor be swayed by reputation or glamour. Henry Winter

Of course we were promised that with Sven.

He does play a Chelsea style 4-3-3 but maybe unlike Sven he has a plan B and understands there’s more than one formation.

But you feel the F.A. have now had their fingers burnt with a foreign coach so they’ll be looking for another Graham Taylor.

As for Sven he’s free to find a new job, best case he joins Madrid, then Beckham will stay there and those nasty rumours of a move to Spurs will die a death.

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