Not English but British

so that’s Martin O’Neill then.

Premier League chairman Dave Richards who is a member of the three-man panel that was set up to find Eriksson’s successor has said.

It’s time for a British boss, somebody who understands our passion, belief and commitment. There’s no distinction between English and British. Dave Richards

Having spent enough time in Jockland I can safely say there is. Though some like Mr. Richards have trouble with it, was funny hearing Palace manager Iain Dowie talking about who should be the new England boss using the words “we” & “us” of course those two words were used by him for another country during his stint on the B.B.C. covering the England v N.Ireland game, his basis was the manager should be English he then went onto say Martin O’Neill was a good choice 🙄

Yup Martin O’Neill has passion, belief and commitment – didn’t Keggy Keegle as well ? – but he also has teams full of the likes of Robbie Savage, Neil Lennon & Fatty Hartson.

From what I’ve seen you can’t say Guus Hiddink lacks any of these qualities, neither does Peter Taylor, if the Dutch didn’t have passion they may have won more tournaments and wouldn’t be falling out with each other all the time. And they pick teams that don’t include dullards such as those mentioned.

The irony of it all, well coincidence, that reports of the F.A. again looking for safe hands appear on the same day as the papers are full of obituaries for Ron Greenwood the safe hands of 1977 when O’Neill’s manager at Forrest was on the verge of winning two European Cups and would have been the ideal choice to replace his dreaded enemy Don Revie in the top job.

Well on the plus side Martin O’Neill produces winning teams, not thrilling teams (how many times can I point this out ? :D), anyone that can take a JockPL side to a Euro final can’t be doing too bad.

He also likes the 3-5-2 formation that England have used in their best displays of the last 20 years in tournaments. We have so many good center backs and midfielders it has to be the way to go (of course Peter Taylor also likes this formation).

He has also said it would be a dream job in the past, a B.B.C. interview that was re-shot when they thought saying he’d love to be the England manager wouldn’t go down too well with the Irish flag waving hordes of Parkhead.

The cons, apart from the dull play and dullard players, is his wife sufficiently well enough for him to keep his eye on the game ?

Can a man that gets a bit snippy handle the press ? Yes there was pressure in Glasgow but winning a load of trophies didn’t half ease that.

And can England make sure that games don’t clash with Wapner cause Rain Man has “definitely gotta watch Wapner”.

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