1990 was


And it still hurts, England should have won that Grand Slam with ease, kick the penalties handed to them and they would have cruised it. The one good thing that came out of it was it made sure the likes of Carling & Moore never wanted to taste defeat at the hands of the Jocks again. It gave them a hatred that’s consumed those in blue for years.

2000 was just as bad, mainly due to the Jock side being so woeful, how could we be beaten by the likes of them ? Don’t think anything good came out of it.

Then to yesterday which sould bring about good things, mainly the removal of Robinson, Ellis & Hodgson from the England set up…I wish.

Yet again Ellis was shown up for not being quick enough at international level, so obvious that they even said so on the Beeb the contrast when Daws comes on is night and day.

Robinson coaches by numbers, so many minutes on the clock time to change this player, so many more minutes and this player is changed. No looking at the game not working and changing things to liven it up. Dawson comes on for a blood binned Ellis looks far better so what happens off comes Dawson when Ellis is patched up 🙄

And then Hodgson, everyone I know thinks he shouldn’t wear an England shirt again – mainly due to them not wanting to hear my rants about his ineptness – that is of course except the non English who are quite happy to have him as England’s number 10.

He really doesn’t have it for such an important position, can’t control the game, can’t marshal the troops – hasn’t the balls to tell others where to be – can’t kick out of hand, plenty of space behind the defence on the left so kicks down the throat of the full back on the right, in the unlikely event of touch being found it’s about 10 yards away. And does anyone really have any confidence he’s going to score from place kicks ?

The only thing that made this debacle worse was Jock-O-Vision. B.B.C. Scotland taking over the coverage. Yes the land that whinges about English broadcasting bias presents 4 hours of Jock only ex-player voices, where as I do believe darn sarf they had one Englander, one Scot and one Taff players talking.

So I switch over to the interactive on the digi-box wehahy real commentary Butler & Moore only for that to suddenly change to Radio Jockland’s coverage 😯

Ah another button pressed – no commentators that’s much better.

Now we get to here all the on field chat, all of which seemed to be either the ref or the Scottish players – another example where Robinson players fail, Hodgson, Ellis & Corry just don’t have the nowse or guts to get in the refs ear the way their predecessors did.

It’s funny as well watching the Jocks whip up the crowd with some crappy Braveheart rubbish – is this the country that whines on about England always living in the past by bringing up 1966 ?

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