Only 4 caps

that’s all he got.

Sad news about Chelsea & Southampton legend Peter Osgood dying today.

Amazing when you look at the bums that have plenty of caps for England, Emil Heskey has nearly 50. A guy who older Chelsea fans rank as their best ever, it’s between him and Zola for fans of all ages really, has a total of 4 caps, most as a sub. Admittedly there was some half decent players round the late 60s.

B.B.C. obituary

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  1. I thought that too, seems odd – a Chelsea-supporting colleague of mine was pretty knocked back today, Osgood was the first real footballing hero he remembered worshipping. Yet, even for such a prominent club as Chelsea back in the 70s, only four caps – was interested to see what kind of tribute, if any, they paid at the England game tonight, but of course Ron Greenwood was to be obviously recognised too…
    Had me pondering, Glenn Hoddle is my lasting football icon from childhood to the present day (maybe a previous life too, who knows…), but when he shuffles out of his present mortal overcoat into another dimension, his 57 England caps – while still too, too few – no doubt won’t seem as unusual in the obits as Osgood’s four, especially when, as you say, some very mediocre present-day players have mantelpieces-full…

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