Just doesn’t have the same ring to it as another certain club with plenty of luck. But it’s about time we had some go our way and it was certainly needed on Sunday against Blackburn in the must win game.

They took the game to us in the second half and, in a way, we were a bit fortunate because we could have had a penalty against us. Martin Jol

Robbie Keane

Added to the ball hitting Keane’s hand for his second and was it really a throw for his opener, which was an absolute cracker throw or not.

Of course I was expecting the luck to run out…round about the last second of injury time as it’s seemed to do on an number of occasions this season, how many of those 5 losses should have been draws and how many of the 10 draws wins if concentration had been kept til the end of the game ? And so how many points ahead of 5th place would Spurs be now ?

So still 5 points ahead of ARSEnal after Fulham’s all mouth and no action performance but Chelsea up next. Do we want them on an up after beating Barca or looking for a victim after going out of the Champions League. Same with the other lot do we want them distracted by the CL after beating Real Madrid or do we want to see them doing a Jock national team – getting a lucky one-nil victory claiming to be the greatest and then getting stuffed in the reverse fixture, as the Jocks did in the playoff against Holland for Euro2004.

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  1. Don’t forget!: the Defoe goal that should have counted at Bolton, the nailed-on Jenas penalty not given at Fulham, the harsh Mido red card which turned the game at home to Chelsea, and, er, many more I’m sure…!

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