I’m quite happy Shearer

failed again.

I don’t go for this Roy of the Rovers, Mathews final crap they keep going on about with regard the fence painter. Mathews deserved it Shearer doesn’t.

And all this bull about the consummate professional do me a favour, while commentators whinge on about players abusing the officials, they talk about Shearer being a credit to the game, turning a blind eye to him shouting at refs and linesmen when they don’t fall for his “poor old fouled me” routine.

You know that one where he backs into the defender, elbows flying everywhere the number of fouls committed racking up by the second but when he gets what he deserves, nowt, he’s off ranting and waving at the ref with a real sense of “do you know who I am ?” in the air.

Funny the way he doesn’t half whinge when he gets some of it back.

The irony being of course that the only decent thing he’s done on a pitch since 1996 is give Neil Lennon a good kick in the head while playing against Leicester, should get an award for services to football for that.

What odds on the Toon winning the cup next year when the albatross has gone ? Manager not having to play him and maybe getting a striker that can keep up with the pace of the game, should have quit years ago but there was that record to break 🙄

And he cost England that game against the Argies in ’98 😡

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  1. Shame about Steve Carr, though, innit…
    He should have become a Spurs legend. Until he got grumpy. And fat. And angrier. And fatter. And so on…
    He may have been out for a few weeks injured, but his scowling standards were as high as ever last night…

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