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When presenting Steve McClaren as the new England manager yesterday F.A. chief executive Brian Barwick stated that –

My first choice was always Steve. That might be difficult for people to get their heads acrossBrian Barwick

Might be difficult, is that because it’s total bollocks that nobody even remotely believes.

Why ? well we know from those who are leaked to that Brian’s first choice was Martin O’Neill and we also know that McClaren was nobodies first choice throughout the whole country never mind the “wise men” on the commitee to make the actual choice.

The feeling I have about this appointment matches the feelings I’ve had twice before with England managers chosen – firstly when Graham Taylor was picked in ’90 and then when they picked the “fans favourite” Keggy Keegle in 1999. I think the only time I’ve felt worse is when Howard Wilkinson has managed to get a job with the F.A. in any capacity.

Brian 'The Buffoon' Barwick

All round Barwick has joined Charles Clarke and John Prescott in making it a bad week for big dumb oafs.

Best thing I’ve heard about the whole fiasco was by Mike Carlson, the Channel 5 US sports presenter, when on the baseball the other night basically said “you’ve seen how ITV worked over the last decade” then gave a “all that needs said” shrug 😀

So know we have the guy that was there throughout the banality of Sven’s tenure, whose own club captain didn’t think was up to the job, a guy who can’t do or say anything without being coached by his own guru, needs to bring in some bint from ITV to tell him how to dress and tells reporters to “bugger off” because they’re taking the attention away from him in a photo op moment 🙄

Does this remind you of a certain imploding political party whose hair, like McCLaren’s, also seems to sum it all up – all fluff and no substance.

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  1. They should have picked someone that has experience of managing a team in the Champions League at the minimum I’d say. Oh no, I said “Champions League”!

  2. I want Sven to die! not be injured or under the weather. I want him to die straight away. Look at the WC roster.. at our strikers! He’s trying to fuck us with 2 players that aren’t fit, a 17 year old, and Peter bloody Crouch. It’s like punishment!!

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