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The Rainbow Connection last Wednesday.

Wasn’t ignoring him, honest guv, but was probably wondering around some 600 miles from my pc at the time, anyway onto the list…

I AM: am I ?
I WANT: To rock.
I MISS: The sun.
I FEAR: Noises from the factory.
I HEAR: Everything, if that damn tinnitus would just drown it all out.
I REGRET: Taking that wrong turn at Skipton.
I AM NOT: You.
I DANCE: err no I don’t.
I SING: Badly.
I SEE: Through Marty Feldman’s eyes.
I CRY: When smacked hard on the nose, it’s not technically crying though is it really.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: This nice.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: The blues and Frankenstein guitars.
I WRITE: Waffling bollocks…oh and incisive commentary on sport and music.
I CONFUSE: As much as possible.
I NEED: More money and more guitars.
I SHOULD: Try and see the morning in daylight.
I START: Arguments.
I FINISH: Nothing that takes effort.

So I suppose I have to inflict this on 3 others – looks like it’s going to be Rutty, Burty boi & Hurricane (seeing as he inflicted me before and it’ll mean he might actually post on his blog)

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