That’s what friendlies are all about

especially those in the weeks before a major finals.

England being crap, all over the place and looking like they don’t know each other and that they’ll struggle to get through the group stage when the tournament finally arrives.

Stick ’em up against a pretty poor team that aren’t really bothered and a nation that doesn’t have the same historical context as Germany or Argentina – yeah there was the 6-3 first defeat by a continental team at Wembley in ’53 but that was a game that brought admiration of the Magyars not the animosity of those other two mentioned. – and you get the dullness that was put on show on Tuesday at Old Trafford.

The only bright spot being Peter Crouch’s performance when he came on as a sub for Gerrard, some great layoffs and touches before his excellent turn and finish for the third goal capped off a good cameo. Might have been wrong about just replacing Rooney with Gerrard, didn’t think it worked and with only the game against Jamaica to go have my doubts it will, and does Gerrard deserve it after that disgraceful dive to with the penalty.

Only Terry a bit of Joe Cole’s play and Crouch performed on the night, Robinson did make the one save he had a chance with, it’s depressing seeing Michael Owen dropping back to the half way line almost as depressing as agreeing with ex ARSEnal players Ian Wright and Lee Dixon when they called for Lennon & Carrick.

Sven’s choice to try Jamie Carragher in the holding position didn’t work, no matter how much Alan Hansen looked through his red tinted specs and tried to make the case for him, yes he can break things up but he also stops his own team playing with his slow thought and back or sideways passes.

What didn’t help was Hargreaves coming on in the second half and making Carragher look good, I’ve always thought Hargreaves could do that job well, he does for Munich week in and week out but now it’s screaming for Carrick to get te job – but does Sven have something against him or what ?

I’m also sick of Ashley Cole, I’m sick of seeing cross-field balls fly over his head to opposing wide midfielders who pick them up easily because Cole seems to think he’s a centreback, I’m sick of him mincing tippy-toes up the field getting the ball cutting inside on his right then figuring “oh I can’t kick with my right foot” which is normally followed by blind panic as he dithers about and loses the ball as the defence have had all the time in the world to get back into position. And I’m really sick of hearing how he’s the best left back in the world after watching all that, just shows the lack of decent left backs in the world (Roberto Carlos ain’t much better).

It doesn’t help as well when the other fullback is so predictable, oh gels well with Beckham down the right, yeah if you count aimless chips to no one and being lost when his mate has gone walkabout gelling well.

I nearly forgot Beckham’s back to his very best, do me a favour a couple of very good crosses and sod all else does not make for a great performance, constantly coming inside and cluttering up the space really helps the team play well, christ if Wright & Dixon can see playing against a flat back 10 you could use someone who will run at opposing players (Lennon) then it’s got to be really bloody obvious.

Oh and if Andy Johnson is worth £8.6 million then at just £30 million Andriy Shevchenko is a bloody bargain for Chelsea, all they have been missing these last 2 Premiership winning seasons is a great goal scoring striker and now they have one…one of the few that are really about these days.

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  1. Chelsea are making it easier and easier to not waste a single tiny scintilla of a fragment of a care about them… Joke of a club.

    As is Sven as a manager. The News Of The World photographer who snapped him and Kenyon has a lot to answer for. Okay, okay, we’d probably still have McClaren as England boss, but at least the comfort of Eriksson, not Mourinho, at Stamford Bridge…

    He clearly just doesn’t fancy Carrick at all, as with Defoe. And based on that brief performance, Walcott isn’t yet ready for under-21 internationals, let alone the World Cup…

    Joe Cole looked very good, though – great run for the third goal.
    Just hope Robbo’s bad luck with freakish long-range goals against him for Spurs doesn’t keep following him for England now…

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