Game on

only a few hours to go before the big kick off.

And a day ’til England start and Sven’s started off hopefully the way he wants to continue in his last weeks as England boss by not letting anything stand in his way to glory, in true sportfan style I’ll forgive him everything I’ve whinged about over the last 5 years if he brings back that trophy.

Finally the cautious Swede has shown some balls by telling that drink induced blue faced Jock Fergie to fuck off we’re using Waaayne if you like it or not, and it’s even better the fact he doesn’t.

Just have to put some decent performances and hope that Crouch causes all kinds of confusion for the defences of Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago and Sweden, can we finally beat them ? they’ll better equiped against the robot dancer. So Rooney can have a little bit of a run out at some point to help get the match fitness back.

So Germany v Costa Rica this aft and Poland v Ecuador later tonight to start it all off with, would be good if the hosts lost the big opener much like it was in Italia 90 when the Costa Ricans beat the mighty Jockland 😀

Poland aren’t great but the game isn’t being played 2 miles above sea level as all Ecuador’s home games are in Quito and that is one hell of an advantage for Ecuador and why most of their qualifying points come from home games.

Just wandering round after you’ve come off a flight from the coast you feel that thinner air having an effect, can’t imagine running round for 90 minutes in an important football game in that atmosphere.

Anyway a few weeks over football overload, can’t wait.

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