Same old story

under Svennis.

Not bad first half then Mr. Mogodon strikes at half time and an insipid 45 minutes follows. And we still can’t beat Sweden, will we ever do it in my life time?

OK the positives – well Joe Cole was back on form after his dip in the last game (one bad bad game in about 18 months we’ll give him that) and he scored the individual goal of the tournament so far.

Rooney had a good run out, scared the defence enough to open up the game for others, visibly tired at the end but you know there’s more to come.

Hargreaves had a really good game, hardly put a foot wrong throughout, did the simple things well, breaking up play then the simple pass off – no stupid long humps up the park. I’m really glad for him, always liked him as a player.

Well if Argentina manage at least a draw today not being in the same part of the draw as them, a great plus. Though on this form what are the chances of getting by Ecuador?

The cons – wait for it 😉

Well where do we start ? Has to be Owen’s injury after 3 and half minutes which saw the end of his World Cup, you could tell as soon as he crawled off the pitch to get treatment, not waitinbg ’til the ref stopped play that this was a bad one.

And if you’re not going to replace Owen with Walcott it shows the stupidity of a waste of space Jenas sitting on the bench while Defoe is sitting at home, if only Defoe had put some more effort into the last season to make him indispensable to the national squad.

The fullbacks – yep I’m onto this one again and yes Mr Beckham will be along soon 😉 – Carragher so dull he makes Neville look dynamic, pass back pass back pass back, all you get all game long, slow down play pass back. Ashley Cole well it was no coincidence that the Swedes seemed to target England’s left hand side, thank god Ljungberg stayed on the Swedish left for most the game. And whose bright idea is it to have Cole as the only man to stay back when the rest go up for corners. Slipping and sliding Cole against a marauding attack great thinking.

Ah Beckham’s turn – another nothing performance from England’s captain, if he can’t deliver from set pieces or open play crosses what is the point of this attack killer. Surely we’ve sold enough replica England shirts to screaming Japanese girls by now.

He hasn’t got the pace or skill to beat anyone with the ball at his feet and just slows up play even more. Every pundit on the planet says defences are scared of pace what England need is to introduce it with Lennon, Beckham and his lack of it kills this team.

In the 134 years of English international teams have we ever looked so bad at corners than we have in the last few years under Sven ?

From all the set pieces against Sweden England were all over the place, didn’t look comfortable at all and were damn lucky not to concede more.

Beckham heads fresh air

I don’t know what Beckham was heading on Sweden’s first goal as he jumped feet behind Allback and violently nodded his head at fresh air.

Lampard again a bunch of shots, leading shooter of the championship but I can’t remember anything else from him in his freed up role.

Steve McClaren plays a big part in the England set up and the insipidness that occurs, he doesn’t like the word “entertainment” you know, so when Svennis goes we’ll have a few more years of this crap to sit through, oh happy days.

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