“Next time I’ll learn to dive maybe

but I’m not a woman”

Thierry Henry the big girl

So said Terry Henry in a bitter whinge after ARSEnal lost to Barcelona in this years Champions League final.

Well he didn’t look like a woman last night against Spain more like a big girl and a dirty cheat, as he went down clutching his face for the free kick that France’s second goal came from.

Again Henry came up against Carles Puyol, again Henry was pretty much found wanting on the big stage.

Yes it probably was a free kick, Puyol stupidly went across Henry blocking him off and Henry went down, has Henry says himself the Spanish leftback Perina had it covered and there was no need for Puyol to go in like that.

But it’s a classic piece of Wengerism by Henry ’cause it’s not really the falling down for the foul that’s causing people to accuse him of cheating it’s the way he immediately clutched his face knowing the ref was on the blind side and hoping he would think Puyol had elbowed Henry in that smug phizog.

That’s the cheating Terry, trying to get an opposition player sent off by feigning a bad injury, you did it, we all saw it…well ARSEne Wenger probably didn’t even through all the replays.

P.S. Did the Neville family get sick of producing uglier & uglier children so they decided to ship the last one off to France for adoption by the Ribery family ?

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