Another WordPress upgrade

to version 2.0.4

WordPress software has under gone another update, to v.2.0.4 and all users are advised to upgrade as it contains many security updates and over 50 bug fixes.

WordPress 2.0.4, the latest stable release in our Duke series, is available for immediate download. This release contains several important security fixes, so it’s highly recommended for all users. We’ve also rolled in a number of bug fixes (over 50!), so it’s a pretty solid release across the board.

Upgrading is fairly simple, just overwrite your old files with the latest from the download. If you’d like more thorough instructions, the Codex is always the best spot.

Since this is a security release, if you have any friends with blogs make sure to remind them to upgrade and lend a hand if they’re not too savvy. We’re all in this together. WordPress Dev

WordPress latest version download and Upgrade instructions

Looks like the upgrade went smoothly, thankfully I did it during the middle of the day and sober so shouldn’t run into too much trouble like a certain dozy mare and her MT upgrade attempt 😉

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