Happy Yorkshire Day

People's Republic of Yorkshire
People's Republic of Yorkshire

to one and all.

Even those poor unfortunate souls who weren’t born in God’s own county, including those soft southern shites at the BBC.

Good job I’d recently received my “People’s Republic Of Yorkshire” t-shirt to wear proudly today.

Nah then if only t’bloody cricket team would pull t’bloody fingers out and avoid relegation.

And if I hadn’t taken that wrong turn at Skipton…

August 1st holds a special place in Yorkshire’s history for, on this day in 1759, soldiers from Yorkshire regiments who had fought in the battle of Minden, in Germany, picked white roses from bushes near to the battlefields as a tribute to their fallen comrades.

Wearing Yorkshire’s white rose on August 1st shows your pride in Yorkshire and that you care about the traditional culture and heritage of our county. Yorkshire Day at Wikipedia

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