R.I.P. me old flower

Charlie Williams
Charlie Williams

Charlie Williams.

I forgot to post yesterday about the sad news of the passing of another great Yorkshireman Charlie Williams.

He died in Barnsley on Saturday aged either 76 or 78 depending on which report you read.

A pioneer in the world of English football as one of the first black players when he turned out as a centre half for Doncaster Rovers in 171 appearances through the mid to late 1950’s before retiring in ’59. From the man voted by Donny fans their Cult Hero of All Time my favourite quote about his playing style was.

I was never a fancy player, but could stop the buggers that wereCharlie Williams

He went on to become one of the most famous faces on TV through the 1970’s first with the show the Comedians then as host of The Golden Shot.

Ee – We Had Some Laughs, thanks me old flower.


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