I still don’t know what the point of

Jermaine Jenas is.

Yes he scored Spurs first goal on foreign soil in a European competition since Jukebox Durie back in 1991 (against SV Stockerau), as Spurs beat Slavia Prague 1-0 in their opening UEFA Cup tie, and near the end of the game he chased down and made 3 decent blocking challenges but for the other 89 minutes plus injury time he did nothing but cause frustration.

Throughout he did sod all but slow down play, have the ball taken off him, take crappy floaty Lumpalard style corners and when not failing to find a chocolate brown shirt – what happened to good old dark blue? – with a pass he was playing his team mates into trouble.

Even for the goal, when the excellent Zokora was driving through the middle of the park Jenas started to slow down and drift away from him. Of course he had to score to hide the nothing he brings to the game, why does he start every one ? And with Lennon out for a while he’s going to carry on not giving us the width and production required.

Altogether it was a not bad display by Spurs, considering the aforementioned excellent Zokora and Huddlestone were the only ones really playing in midfield – Jenas being joined by Tainio who was a bit AWOL throughout. Defoe really didn’t get much service up front, Mido being out left quite a bit.

The centre back pairing of King & Dawson were outstanding, does Dawson win every header? Chimbonda looked a good improvement on last years right back, just wish Assou-Ekotto would bomb on a bit on the opposite side, he kept stopping Ashley Cole style when direct running could have been more effective. Still one late challenge when he brushed off the Slavia player showed he shouldn’t be as weak as last years model.

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  1. Sad to say, for your sake, but he’s just about one of our most crucially important players now. The defence looks solid, especially with Ledley back and ‘the name’s Bonda….” in (though I’m still to be convinced by Assou-Ekotto), and four should-be-top-class strikers… Just the balance of midfield is looking all bafflingly askew – will happily stick up for JJ, and his multi-capabilities, but now’s the time to really, truly kick in…

    And bring back The Hudd, Zokora is a different player, because a different role, when he has a backing-up player of such composure and solidity. Murphy may well deserve a chance, eventually, but not if he’s going to be either the defensive player, or forcing Didier into the predominantly-holding role…

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