What have I missed posting

about over the last few weeks of inactivity?

Well I know even less what the point of Jermaine Jenas, still gets in the England squad, and Martin won’t drop him. UEFA Cup game against Slavia (2nd leg) was typical not taking chances and hanging on at the end even after Robbie’s goal affair. And now it’s Bayer Leverkusen, Club Brugge, Besiktas, Dinamo Bucharest in the group stage.

Then there was Spurs last premiership game, a bit back Lyndon at “Everything’s Not Lost” post about how even though a Toffee he didn’t like the way Everton beat Liverpool and I have to say I didn’t like the way Spurs won against Pompey. It’s the second blatant dive I’ve seen from Zokora in recent weeks and it’s taking away from the class player he looks.

Why don’t I like it ? Well reading the likes of Sue Mott whinging on about a Spurs player cheating makes me sick, especially coming after her weeks of oozing over Wenger’s decade at the ARSEnal. While getting herself all wet over what he’s brought to the English game she failed to mention all the falling over by the likes of Henry, Pires, Cole, Lehmann, Viera (who always followed it up by a big girly scream) etc, etc – added to the scummy side of things like Bergkamp’s snide elbows and stamps, Lehmann trying to get everyone sent off etc etc. All of which never got a mention, one Spurs player falls down and there’s columns and columns.

I also missed the back end of another AL East winning season by the Yankees, best record in the AL, joint best in the majors, 10 games up on second place Toronto with the RedSux only 8th in the AL. Very satisfying. Missed Matsui & Sheffield coming back and the little contretemps between Giambi and A-Rod.

Well I though A-Rod might pick himself up from all that and start to prove the doubters wrong during the post season. Hoping the Yanks would get Detroit as I felt the would be easier for the “modern day Murderers’ Row” to face than the Twins, after the former slumped to get the wilcard as the latter pipped them for the AL Central on the final day. So the A’s sweep the Twins with ease and the Yanks are 2-1 down to the Tigers and Rodriguez is batting 1-11 (.091 average). Has he got two games to stay in pinstripes ?

I want to see him succeed with the Yankees than be playing against us but is he the player that proves stats mean nothing. As Michael Rosenberg pointed out after this “sub standard” season by A-Rod’s standards –

At this writing, near the end of one of the worst seasons of his career, Rodriguez has 165 hits, 34 home runs and 119 RBIs. If he plays the rest of his career at that pace, and plays until age 40, he would retire as the all-time leader in home runs and RBIs - and would be sixth in base hits.

Nobody knows if Rodriguez will stay healthy and productive until age 40. But remember: that stat projection assumes he keeps producing at his “lousy” 2006 rate. Michael Rosenberg

A-Rod could be the biggest hitter of all time, but would the post season failure with the Yanks these last few seasons overshadow all that?

Again in that article the post season stats (pre the Detroit games) look rather good next to the guy he’s always compared with – Mr. Yankee.

Alex Rodriguez: .305 batting average, .401 on-base-percentage, .534 slugging percentage.

Derek Jeter: .307 batting average, .378 on-base percentage, .463 slugging percentage.

Tonight in Detroit and hopefully tomorrow in New York will help A-Rod become a true Yankee.

OK so I probably missed more than just about sport – the Hamster’s little bump – but one has to get one’s priorities right 😀

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  1. Hope you didn’t miss David Dein being voted in as head of the G14 committee. And promising to hold the rest of European football to the English game’s squeaky-clean integrity. Happy days, go Dave!

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