Bronx Bombers

and that’s what they did bombed.

Another year, another $200 million, another Divisional Series flop.

And now the talk of major changes starts again, like it has the past few years, who’ll be going who’ll be staying and who’ll add to that payroll.

With of course the main focus of attention being Joe Torre and A-Rod. Will The Boss fire the boss? Is it a done deal already ? Is “Sweet Lou” going to be back in the Bronx next year.

And if he is what will this mean for Rodriguez, a guy who should be talked about as the best player in the game and possibly the best of all time but with a 1-14 (.071 avg) record in this series as he ended up batting as low as 8th in the final defeat to Detroit and 4-41 (.098 avg) in his last 12 post season games that’s all that’s being mentioned.

Lou loves Alex, can he bring the best out of an undoubted talent when it matters? Will he also be able to bring the best out of the rest of the bats that failed in those three straight defeats to a team that stumbled into the playoffs, while being swept by Kansas (hell even the Yanks managed not to do that this year)?

Piniella, Kansas, takes me back to sitting up behind first base at Yankee stadium, Lou had a couple weeks earlier replaced Billy Martin, again, and the likes of Henderson, Winfield, Randolph, Clark and Mattingly were being shutout by KC and Bo Jackson’s three run homer was being thrown back from the right field bleachers “a true Yankee fan” my uncle said to me, “go back to football” I shouted out, somehow refraining from adding the odd expletive.

Well it’s going to be a long cold winter, even in the Boss’ Tampa base, will anyone take on the most expensive contract in the sport, will the crocked old guys – Giambi & Sheffield – still be there will something stupid like using the talented youngsters – Cano & Melky – as bait for some old arm happen?

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