Same old story

same old song and dance.

For Spurs at the weekend in the 1-1 draw with the Villa.

Dominate most of the game, get one goal, have a bundle of chances, can’t put any of them away, then hang on, lose a goal, start to hang on again.

On the one hand with this season’s start any away point is a good point, especially with Villa so far having not too bad home form under Martin O’Neill.

It has to be said I’m getting a bit bored of seeing Defoe get a yard of space on his marker for him to aim and shoot straight at the ‘keeper. He hasn’t half done it a lot over the last couple of years, that’s when he’s not hitting the woodwork.

Also I’m not too sure about Davenport now, last year he showed some promise but this season he’s not looked up to it. Maybe time to give Huddlestone a run out when Dawson or Ledley aren’t available, he’s wasted sitting on the bench.

Don’t know how much training ground practice Spurs did for their new corner routine – stick a whole three players in the box, non further forward than the penalty spot, no one moves as the corner taker sticks the ball into the near post and hope that there’s an opposing player as generous as Villa’s Angel who’ll nod it into his own net (was also nice of him not to make Robinson have to save the penalty a few seconds earlier). Can’t see it taking on the way the Sheringham corner did.

2 Replies to “Same old story”

  1. But that famous Sheringham corner only really worked once or twice before everyone picked up on it – commentators especially!
    Our setpieces have been poor, though, albeit slightly improved from Carrick’s last season that struggled to even reach the penalty area.
    Would love to see The Hud starting in midfield alongside Zokora – think he’d be wasted at centre-back, especially with his lack of pace.
    Big couple of days ahead – I have a horrible feeling West Ham’s Argentines have pencilled in Sunday for finally finding their form…

  2. It’s good to see Mr Soft Floaty Set Pieces doing so well at ManUre 😉

    If Hudd was to take Jenas’ place I’d be happy with that 😉

    I’d been trying not to think them thoughts.

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