I don’t know what Mascherano

Defoe nibbles Mascherano
Defoe nibbles Mascherano

is complaining about.

When he says –

To receive a bite was the worst thing that has happened to me since I came to England Javier Mascherano

It has got to be the best thing that could happen, if it weren’t for the “comedy nibble” (© Martin Jol) the Argie scapegoat wouldn’t be able to through his full repertoire of the injured player that will surely get him noticed by a certain Frenchman – he wouldn’t have seen it if was against ARSEnal after all, he would have had temporary blindness after the foul beforehand – and a move to the new ScumBowl.

Still, saying all that what the fuck was Defoe up to, might have been a clever way to make people forget the rest of his game which again consisted of brilliantly getting some space from his marker and then shooting straight at the ‘keeper. This man should have far more goals than he does, it just feels like wasted potential more and more.

Sunday didn’t make up for the last game of last season but beating the pikies and helping them into more trouble was good.

Bobby Charlton
Bobby Charlton with the crap trophy presented to him.

Fifty years man and boy.

To celebrate the fact that it was 50 years since Bobby Charlton made his debut for ManUre the club decided to celebrate by giving Charlton a trophy before they beat Liverpool on Saturday.

And it has to be said the club which for many years prided itself on the fact it was until recently ranked the richest in the world came up with one of the cheapest and tackiest looking piece of crap to present to him.

The pic really doesn’t really show the naffness of the trophy to it’s full extent, it looks like the Glazer enforced debts are hitting hard if this is all they can afford for one of their most famous players.

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