Remember, remember

the fifth of November.

And Spurs 2 Chelsea 1. Spurs first win in the league over them since 1990 and the first at the Lane since 1987. The memory of Nico Clausen can now be laid to rest.

And what a performance coming from a goal down, did that well known Irish musical instrument the Makelele really score a screamer? With goals from Dawson and a cracker from Lennon, you may want him Frank but you can stick your money and your Wright-Phillips up your Arnesen.

Dawson was outstanding in defence, getting his head or boot to nearly everything but he was still upstaged by one tackle by Ledley. Giving Arjen Robben a few yards he caught up on the Dutch winger and with perfect timing took the ball off the Chelsea player’s toe – tackle of the season.

It can also be no coincidence that they did well after the team wasn’t rotated after the Bruge UEFA Cup game on Thursday, though there was a change in formation as Lennon moved to the right and Robbie Keane played on the left in the 2nd half. Also they had to win after Aidan couldn’t get there 😉

Finally getting a victory over a “top team” has to be backed up now in the up coming league games, making sure no dropped points against the likes of Reading & Blackburn.

Now there was some odd decisions by Graham “three card trick” Poll, I thought Drogba did the pushing for his disallowed goal but he gave it for Terry and terry’s sending off was oddish though the Chelsea captain didn’t complain which is unlike him of late. But what really went on there, bit of pushing then Terry said something to Ledley which sent Zakora and Chimbomba a bit mental.

The Spurs player celebrated wildly the goals and the final whistle, along with manager Martin Jol but even though he had problems with the ref and the result Chelsea manager hugged Jol at the end of the game, had a whinge about the ref later but no sour grape act of petulance with the Spurs players or management, like a certain other individual. At the same time the Chelsea players shook hand with their opposite numbers, there was no punches thrown and chasing to start fights.

If Jose Mourinho and his players acted in this way there would be hell to pay, officials & pundits would be up in arms. The likes of Blatter, Johansson and that muppet Gallard would be calling Mourinho the “enemy of the game” and calling for lengthy bans, Winter & Mott would be calling him a disgrace to the game and wanting his exit from England even more.

But no it’s “The Professor” and so they’ll make excuses say it’s so unlike him, because he’s not had any hissy fits when they’ve lost and never fallen out with another manager before. A decade of scummy bad losers who expect everyone to play to their tune.

Not that I like the pikies but I don’t see what Pardew has to apologies for, all the talk that Wenger’s actions showed the pressure on him, I’d say the pikies boss has been under a little bit more stress of late.

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  1. And the potential pitfalls of a massively rotating a team… I give you, last night – ah well, all turned out all right in the end, though I’m not sure we’ll see much of Ifil or Barcham again, Dervitte I hold out more hope for…

    Ah, but Sunday. What a tense nightmare it was to watch on the mini-screen at work, but what satisfaction. Not even too whittled down by the pathetic bleating from Chelsea ever since, trying to distract every defeat onto decisions given against them and a supposed siege mentality of “everyone hates us, it’s just not fair, and we’ll thcweam and thcweam and thcweam ’til we’re thick…”

    Then again, Mourinho could have been sourer, and as with his post-Barcelona comments, there did seem more hypocritical media intent to psyche him up and ask leading questions for ref-related stuff to splash… Match of the Day 2, meanwhile… thanks for your input, Dixon and Wright, much appreciated… 😐

    Amazed the Wenger hissy fit has got as far as a disrepute charge, thought he was beyond them having got away with calling Pardew a racist, Jol a liar, and so on…
    My abrupt, unexpected respect for Pardew disappeared as quickly as it emerged, once he made that utterly embarrassing and unnecessary apology…

  2. It was funny watching Jol tell Jose what had gone on.

    Figured Pardew knew the F.A. would do something about it and knowing they wouldn’t just do Whinger so he’d better get his defence in beforehand.

    And nothing mentioned about Fabregas’ little strop. might have thought the site of his punches having no effect and Teddy laughing at him was punishment enough.

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