And we now go over to SFA headquarters for

the draw for the Scottish Cup Final.

Much anticipation as the balls are mixed up in the bag then the hand goes in.

“Number two” – “Glasgow Rangers will play”
“Number one” – “Glasgow Celtic”

“And that concludes the draw for the Scottish Cup Final”.

Can’t remember if that sketch was from “Only An Excuse” or “Scotch & Wry”, I’m thinking the former but I was reminded of it when watching the draw for the third round on Saturday.

Thankfully the SFA have decided to stop copying FIFA & UEFA and have got rid of those stupid ping pong balls that are opened to get a piece of paper with the team on it and have gone back to ball with number that works so easily…well that’s if you do it right and don’t have a dullard doing the draw.

I could see straight off as Alex Smith (yes the man who could have picked up the title with Aberdeen if it wasn’t for that bastard pair or Mark Walters & Mark Hateley on that fateful last day of the season at Ibrox in ’91) drew out the first ball he was in trouble.

There he was with ball in hand and nowhere for it to go, at least the FA have a space with dimples in it to put the balls in and Smith was looking for that when he thought he could sit it on the table and hope it didn’t roll off but no that wasn’t going to work. He then dropped it behind the table somewhere – hadn’t they rehearsed this at all?

Ah so it could now all go swimmingly until Ross County’s ball, another of Smith’s stop offs on the managerial roundabout, which somehow after being drawn found it’s way back into the tub of balls – at that moment three faces all resembling dear in the headlights stared at the camera in a silent panic – nice one Alex.

Err well we’ll just carry on and ignore it when it’s pulled out again…

Are Ross County the first team to be drawn from the hat twice in the same round? I know the SFA like to copy others as mentioned but you’d think they would even go as far as trying to match the draw for Spain ’82.

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