Nice one Monty, are you watching


Monty Panesar
Monty Panesar celebrates bowling Justin Langer for 37

This is what could have happened in the first two tests but you were too busy with the old pals act, getting your yes men mates in to try and save games before they’ve started instead of the proven match winners.

The third best bowling figures by an Englishman in Perth and the first five wicket hall by any of our spinners and a finger spinner at that, somehow I don’t think Ashley Giles would have achieved last night/this morning, though the “King Of Spain” may have got a couple more runs than “The Sikh of Tweak” 🙄

Again as in the summer it was some decent names – Langer & Gilchrist – that Monty got, as well as getting those “tail enders” – Warne & Lee – that we seem to have real problems with and who hold us up all the time with valuable late order partnerships.

A nod has to be given to Flintoff’s captaincy as well leaving Monty on when Symond smacked him for 17 off one over knowing it wouldn’t get to the young spinner who duly got the Brummie out next over.

Was it really Fred that didn’t want him to play the first two games? Does anyone believe the “it wasn’t me, honest” spin that was coming from the Fletcher’s people?

Monty was set up to fail here, after all the clamour to get him to play over the last few weeks, in which he’s sat on his arse watching Giles toil, with very little match practice but thankfully he didn’t, though he can probably bowl better, and showed the coach why he should have been in the team all along so we could have gone for the wins and not just brought in when when we’re 2-0 down trying to salvage the series.

But then with a performance like this at Adelaide & Brisbane he’d have had a good shot at the “BBC Sports Personality Of The Year” and Fletcher wouldn’t like that. Would have made a better choice than a silver spoon hooray poncing about on a horse, a sympathy vote or a Ronaldinho look-a-likey.

Still got to make Monty & Harmison’s wickets count now with a decent total to give them the best chance to get them out again, after all you need 20 wickets from your bowlers to win not a few runs from them.

2 Replies to “Nice one Monty, are you watching”

  1. Well done lads, why not give them a first innings lead 🙄

    And looking at Andrew Symonds pic in the paper yesterday I couldn’t make up my mind if he was going to get down on one knee and sing “Mammy” or knock on the door and say “Hello Dave…you’re my wife now”

    Andrew Symonds or Papa Lazarou

  2. Heh, lovely stuff.
    Shame about this morning’s performance – that last session was so desperate, Woman’s Hour came as an entertaining relief…

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