I don’t know what’s worse

losing the Ashes.

With a 5-0 thrashing or the site of a smirking Steve Harmison standing there saying how how well he felt and that he’d done everything he could.

I say an open top bus ride round London, then the rest of the country is in order let’s see what the rest of us think about this grinning twat’s effort.

Though they could though start with one round Australia and let those poor sods who’ve forked out thousands to go see this shambles have their say along with the locals who can all point and laugh, maybe throw the odd beer can.

What is also needed is reporters who’ll say it to their faces and not just behind their backs, when Harmison ponces on about all his hard work it requires the guy with the mic to say “Bollocks!” and ask “who are you trying to kid, yourself? Cause you’re the only one that seems to believe this crap you’re spouting.”

I’m with Ray, I know he’s tenure as England supremo wasn’t exactly supreme but he knew how to win out there as captain and being a Yorkshireman he’s right when he says.

I don’t think Harmison has got a big heart, Maybe leaving him out once, saying you are not bowling well enough, should have happened. Ray Illingworth

Of course they’re all scared of ending up like MoTD when they have some unitelligible Portuguese nobody answering post match banalities instead of an unintelligible jock saying how “pwoud, vewy pwoud” he is of his players. Shouldn’t even bother interviewing anyone from Old Trafford after a game if Fergie’s going to be like that. Say “Fuck ’em” it’s not is if it’s worth hearing 99% of the time anyway.

OK so we won’t face McGrath & Warne next time around but during that time, even though there’s a decline in some parts of Aussies taking up the sport, they will be doing everything they can to stay #1 in the world while we’ll be only looking at that series and pissing about against other sides, over estimating our abilities.

That is after the humiltion of the one-day series then the World Cup is out of the way 🙄

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