I had a feeling it was going to be

one of those games.

When the first 12 minutes was just Spurs battering Newcastle’s goal and Given saving anything and everything I figured, here we go again. Defoe’s opener changed my mood for a couple of minutes, bloody hell he managed to miss the ‘keeper and not hit the woodwork but then it was back to here we go again.

Spurs have all the ball Malbranque is outstanding running the game, chance after chance the Toon can’t get a touch and yet it’s one all – still don’t why running into the back of a player much bigger than you and falling over because of this results in a free kick.

The more possession and the more chances that went by I figured it’s going to be more points dropped and at home and to a team we should really beat with ease. Ahh then Berbatov’s goal in the second half, happy happy joy joy, he’s got it down to less than £1million per goal now, but a one goal lead certainly ain’t enough which a couple of minutes 15 minutes later showed.

And then again all the possession, chance after chance and I knew here we go again, they ain’t going to get the equaliser never mind a winner.

Don’t know how they left the Lane with anything, OK I do Shay Given – who only spoiled his afternoon with a real case of Lehmannitis, running into Chimbomba throwing himself to the ground then having another hissy fit about Berbatov trying to make life hard for him. Girly antics matched by Butt’s “Please sir, please sir, it was him sir that did it” complaint to the ref about Chimbomba’s “slap”. You’re an exManUre player it should be mandatory every game, as most Toon fans would have thought after the no show against ManUre in the cup semi the other year.

Also Spurs need some new faces in defence, a better left back, thought Assou-Ekotto could be the answer looks like I was asking the wrong question. The right footed Lee on the left is a step back to last which didn’t work at all. What chance of getting Wayne Bridge? Also decent cover for Ledley is required, is Curtis Davies the answer, that would be a very expensive question.

Back down to 8th, ten points off the top four, one point ahead or Reading with a minus goal difference…

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