Venables you ratbag

was what I shouted.

As soon as Terence Frederick Venables pulled out ball number 8 from the plastic bucket in the quarter final draw of the FA Cup, it wouldn’t have come out like that if the Grinning Ginger Twat hadn’t picked #1 Chelsea moments beforehand of course.

Suppose it was too much to ask the cretin to pick Plymouth, Watford or City.

So Spurs away to Chelsea, has to be the tie of the round so no doubt will be the first pick for live match for the BBC and so in true BBC FA Cup tradition the game will be shite. As the Beeb have taken up the gauntlet laid down by ITV to help destroy the Cup.

Thankfully they decided not to show the Spurs v Fulham match yesterday, cause I’m pretty sure Spurs wouldn’t have kept a clean sheet after going ahead only 6 minutes in live on Auntie.

Undoubtedly Mido’s attempts on Robinson’s goal would have been more productive for Fulham, live and exclusive on the Beeb. It would probably have been the old Spurs story of tons of goal attempts and only one scored instead of going 2-0 with the second attempt, with was identical to the first, then ending four up after the sixth shot on target.

All four goals being pretty damn good efforts mind, perfectly taken volleys by Keane and Berbatov showing he can actually score on an English ground that’s not the Lane.

Thankfully no the Beeb had three other cracking games at the weekend filling their contractual obligations to show and wank over ManUre & ARSEnal – Liverpool are also included in that contract oh how they must have cried when they were put out first up though it led to the rest of us having a laugh.

Again ARSEnal whinged cause a team didn’t turn up with the intention of letting the Woolwich Pikeys walk all over them but then you can also see why no bugger turns up at Ewood Park.

But getting a replay back at your own ground is all part of the Cup tradition which ARSEne of course wants done away with – should anyone listen to this individual when it comes to the traditions of the English game? After all look what he does to English players, beginning of the season Walcott looked the part in his cameo appearances. He looked as if he should have played in the World Cup not just sat on the bench, but lately he doesn’t seem to have a clue.

Is that really the case of him being clueless or is it a case of him not wanting to be part of the starting XI? The performances dropped off with all this pre-match “hugging” from Terry Henry, might the young lad be just a tad uncomfortable with the lingering “get a room you two” hug, so much so he’d rather not start the next game.

The Beeb also again showed that if you take either Rooney or Ronaldo out of the ManUre side they’re not that special and they struggle to break down teams and score.

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