Sunday’s big game was a cracker

with a great result for Spurs.

I had them down for a win but have to admit it was heart over head, yet again, and though I a sneaky feeling with the last two wins behind them they’d give Bolton a better game than say a month ago I didn’t expect 4-1.

Robbie Keane celebrates a goal but is later shown a red card

This is the way they should go about it, take your chances early thanks to Keane a cracker for the first and great build up starting with Robinson for his second, Spurs third, with Jenas doing his best Yakubu impression to get the ball to bounce of him for the second – still say there’s better options than Jenas.

Than when you’re up don’t just sit back for the rest of the game and invite the other team to equalise and then win it. Did think once Keane had been sent of – we can easily ignore septic TV analysis on what is and what isn’t a red card – that was the way it would go but no the amount of chances with 10 men was out of character and thanks a lot to Berbatov’s excellent leading of the line on his tod. Ball after ball was plucked out of the air and brought under instant control and he put in the kind of shift that makes you think that’s £10.9m well spent.

Always wonder about big price foreign striker signings, will they get the pace from the off or will they take some time to fit in, just have to try and get him to play this well away from home game after game.

Now just have to get Keane’s red card rescinded to make sure that his partnership with Berbatov can be given a bit more time to flourish as it has of late and get us higher up the table.

Some other game was going on at the time, over in some foreign country for a tinpot trophy and again the Woolwich Pikeys showed what a classless act, they are when the little kids they have bought to create a youth policy spat their collective dummies out of the pram, as is usual when they are losing.

I asked the referee why I’d been sent off and he said I hit someone, but I don’t remember hitting anyone Emmanuel Adebayor

Yeah you don’t remember doing it, it’s a new one but then I suppose it would be hard to claim you didn’t see the incident in true ARSEne Whinger style. Still the tantrum should see a nice long suspension so he can visit at hypnotist and get his memory back.

Eboue should see a nice ban as everyone now he played his part. Shame Fabregas got a yellow as means he’ll probably escape further punishment for helping escalate things, also a shame someone didn’t thump the annoying little twat.

Didn’t see what Mikel got a red for, pulling a shirt then pushing away someone intent on attacking him, strange on Saturday Rio Ferdinand gets a yellow for grabbing someone by the throat and yet this is a straight red.

Yet again another black mark in the disciplinary books for this lot, as we should expect how many ARSEnal players have been sent down over the years?

Did Walcott get a lingering “hug” from Henry beforehand? If not is that why he scored his first goal for them?

The East End Pikeys getting a stuffing and going down as Curbishley looks on befuddled also added to the good weekend, they looked so sick I thought they might have had some pre-match lasagna.

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  1. Davenport really did drop of, looked OK when he got in last year, worth a spot in the squad but is a liability now. Least there was someone stupid enough to pay cash for him 😀

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