I think it was the hope they had with minutes

to go that made it the sweeter.

Being two up at half time and then 3-2 up with minutes to go all the East End Pikeys thought they had us again but more than that they saw three points as a way out of the clutches of the Championship.

But those last couple of minutes made the rest of the afternoon really worthwhile, it had to happen the way it did just to make it so special.

You knew they would lift themselves, you knew Tevez would finally score, you knew Green would make save after save, you knew as soon as reject Zamora came on he would score, you knew when you saw the team sheet that the midfield duo of Tainio and Jenas wouldn’t be able to boss the game.

But then you knew when Berbatov scored that cracking free kick, after Taarabt added to those that should be in front of Jenas in the pecking order, to get it back to three all that one point wasn’t enough for them and they had to try and get a winner and you knew as the place went silent when Stalteri’s winner went in what it all meant.

It meant lasagna back on the menu, it meant more shots of Smeagol with his head in his hands wondering what happened to his precious, it meant more shots of Curbishley looking befuddled it meant “We’ll never play you again”, it meant “two nil and you fucked it up”, it meant “you’re shit and you’re going down” it meant the boss trying his best to be diplomatic…but failing…

I feel sorry for them but I shouldn’t because they did not for us last year. To come here and get a bit of revenge is a great feeling and I think the supporters enjoyed it as well. Martin Jol

It meant the joy of a nice little bit of revenge 😀

It’s not the disappointment, it’s the hope I can’t cope with John Cleese

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  1. Can watch Stalteri’s “Forrest Gump” run again and again again, the pleasure stays the same.

    Would be lovely if we could score four goals for the fourth Sunday in a row this coming weekend…
    Though I’d take a win of any kind, of course.

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